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Facebook - Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Sep 22, 2016 3:27 PM

Woman posts photo breast-feeding sister's son, social media storm erupts


A Facebook post by the popular breast-feeding support group, "Breastfeeding Mama Talk," has struck a lot of controversy about the idea of wet nursing.

A wet nurse is a person who breast-feeds or cares for another person's child - and in this case a woman breast-fed her sister's son.

"In some weird chain of events today I ended up breast feeding my sisters son while she was away, because he would not take the bottle his momma pumped him. In return because my son won't latch and is strictly fed bottles I pump, my sister was able to feed my son her perfectly good pumped milk. Which made for two very happy and content babies," the Facebook caption read.

Some people commended the woman in the comment sections, and shared their own stories of wet nursing. However, other comments were left condoning that action saying that breast-feeding is supposed to bring a special bond between a child and a mother.

"Breastfeeding Mama Talk" responded back in the comments section saying that wet nursing is "supported and encouraged" on their Facebook page, along with any other form of breast-feeding.

"The ignorance on this thread is astounding," commented "Breastfeeding Mama Talk."

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