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Jun 9, 2016 12:00 AM

Woman hopes family, counseling will keep paroled fiance from drug relapse

CONCORD - Scott Batchelder is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom, and his criminal history can prove that.

"I have not used drugs since then, and I will not use drugs when I get out," said Batchelder before a parole board in Concord Thursday

His history includes being a registered sex offender and his most recent conviction — threatening family member Anthony Conway with a knife.

“He needs to go out and get the help he needs,” said Danielle Christiansen, Batchelder’s fiancé.

Christiansen has been with Batchelder through it all and is not shy to share that an addiction to heroin lead him down a criminal path.

“He's living proof that he's the type of person that needed prison to get clean," Christiansen said. "At least I’m not sitting at a grave site and saying that I couldn’t get daddy into a rehab.”

Batchelder was paroled Thursday, and Christiansen admits she’s nervous about his return home.

“Cause you never know," Christiansen said. "There’s always that chance that an argument or something could make him return to something else.”

The parole board warned Batchelder of the multiple setbacks they've seen. Some are able to be clean behind the walls, but can’t keep themselves clean outside.

“That monster in your head is going to come out the minute your soles hit the tar. It happens all the time,” said Leslie Mendenhall of the parole board as she addressed Batchelder.

Christiansen is hopeful family, counseling and the threat of violating parole will keep her fiancé clean.

“So he's staying clean or he's coming back," Christiansen said. "He's not going in a casket. He’s coming back. I don’t care what anybody says 'Oh I can’t do that to my family' do it to your family. It'll save them because if he didn’t come here he was going in a casket."

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