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Oct 21, 2016 11:55 AM

Watch out for these scams during this election period

Don't let scammers swipe your vote!

Chairman and Founder of IDT911, an identity protection and data risk services, and author of "Swiped" Adam Levin has offered the following tips make sure voters aren't scammed this election period.

Campaign Donation Scam

Scammers can impersonate a legitimate political party representative, election committee member of the candidate themselves using caller id spoofing to make it look like the official office number. These scammers might ask for donations. Make sure to research the caller's contact information first to make sure the caller is legitimate.

Re-Register Scam

Fraudsters may also make calls saying if you didn't vote in the last election, you'll have to re-register because you have been removed from the list of registered voters. Call the Board of Elections directly about your registration status if you receive this type of message. Never give out personal information to any strangers.

Election Survey Scam

You may get a call stating a survey is being conducted on behalf of a political party and that participants are eligible to win a prize. The scam occurs after you've answered the survey questions, when the caller typically asks you to provide your credit card number to pay for the shipping, taxes or handing of the "prize" you've won with the intent to commit fraud. Legitimate polling companies will never offer prizes for participating in a telephone survey, nor will they ask for a credit card number. Never give out personal or financial information over the phone.

Vote By Phone

Never repond to a phone call, email or text message asking you to vote by phone. This is a scam and any link provided could be infected with malware. It is not possible to vote by phone.

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