Feb 9, 2016 4:46 PM

UPDATE: Voter Shaming: Who is behind NH threatening voter mail?

Granite Staters hit the polls Tuesday, but some were complaining they'd been shamed and threatened into casting their votes.

Imagine seeing among all the political mail an envelope labeled “Important Tax Information.” You open it up and someone is threatening to make your name public if you don't go to the polls.

“When I read it, I was kind of angry, and I was, like, it just didn’t feel right, and if they were sending this out to other people,” said Stephanie Halter, who contacted NH1 News after receiving the threatening letter.

The letter claims it was paid for by Public Policy Matters.

The Daily Caller claims the group has ties to a super PAC for Marco Rubio.

It is similar to a controversial mailer Ted Cruz's campaign sent Iowa voters with the heading "voting violation," warning recipients that "you are receiving this election notice because of low expected voter turnout in your area."

In Halter's case, the letter threatened to release a "voter report" to her friends and family. Halter told NH1 News she doesn’t even know people listed on her letter. But after researching the names, NH1 News determined they were real people and real addresses.

“I would love to make some sort of formal complaint to someone in the government so they can also investigate,” said Halter.

NH1 News has contacted the attorney general's office who says they are aware of the letters. Though they are not a clear violation of law, they understand voters' concern.

Voters at the polling places who learned about the letters found them troubling even through they hadn't received one.

“It’s like blackmail. It's a little forceful,” said Nicole Kelly, of Manchester.

"Someone is making me go out and vote? I’d actually be scared,” said Alyssa Butt, who voted in Manchester.

And the pressure to vote appears to be coming from multiple sources. Stephanie Martin is one of several registered independent voters who said she got a voice mail and text message telling her to go vote Tuesday.

“I’d want to know, how did you get my number, how did you even know that I was the legal age to vote?” said Martin.

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