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Jul 6, 2016 9:57 PM

UPDATE: NH community helps pilot after float plane flips on New Durham lake

NEW DURHAM - Mike Hoffman looked on from the marina on Merrymeeting Lake, as his plane is pulled from the water on Wednesday evening.

Just hours earlier, his single engine Cessna float plane flipped over as he came in for a landing. He's not sure what caused the crash but says it wasn't the wind.

“No it was a perfectly normal day, like I've been flying the airplane for 16 years. It was just a normal landing and the airplane veered out of control and touched down,” Hoffman said,

Hoffman was not injured and was able to get out of the plane on his own. Some boaters came to the rescue and pulled him aboard.

“Everybody looks out for each other on Merrymeeting,” said neighbor Nancy Bryant.

Getting the plane out of the water took a little more help; Divers went underwater to tie ropes, a boat pulled it closer to shore, and a large fork lift flipped it back over.

Booms floated in the area where the plane sat to keep any fluids from spreading. Firefighters say Hoffman approached his landing with 25 gallons of fuel and all that was accounted for following the crash. Fluids from transmission lines make hay have leaked. They say today's hot sun is a big help, the UV rays kill the hydrocarbons in the fluids.

The plane may be a total loss, but Hoffman has his health, and his friends and neighbors by his side.

“It's a write off, sadly, but it's only metal and glass and that's what matters,” Hoffman said.

The FAA is investigating the cause of the crash.

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