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Jun 16, 2016 3:07 PM

UPDATE: Barely clothed toddlers found carrying bong along Gilmanton road are safe

GILMANTON — A Facebook post by the Gilmanton Police Department has the Lakes Region community outraged.

READ: 2 toddlers found wandering alone in Gilmanton, carrying drug paraphernalia

Police reported on social media that they found two toddlers wandering on the side of the road with no shoes on, carrying a bong and a lighter.

The children were discovered in the Sawyer Lake region on the side of Wood Avenue.

“I stopped my car and I said 'where you guys going?' And they said they were 'looking for mommy,'” said Jean of Brockton, Mass.

Jean did not want to give her last name, but found the children on the side of the road.

She described the children as barefoot and barely dressed. One was only in a diaper. Police said they were ages 2 and 3.

“The little girl was carrying a bong and a lighter," Jean said. "She didn’t want to give it up, either. I told her it was glass and it could hurt her and then she gave it up.”

Jean - who is a grandmother and has car seats in her car - drove the children to the police station. An hour later police found mom, asleep all morning and no idea where the children were.

“I mean with two little children you should always, always be aware of their whereabouts before you go to sleep,” said Courtney Emerson, a mother who saw the post online.

Thinking of her own two sons, Emerson’s mind turned to “what if” had the children not been found.

“If anything were to ever happen to them like that I mean with a babysitter or anything I just would never forgive myself,” Emerson said.

Police say they believe the bong was used for smoking marijuana and they sent it off for testing. The family is from Northfield and in the area visiting friends. Luckily the children are safe tonight and staying with their dad.

“Just go and find some help for your kids’ sake," said Frank Taratino, who lives in the Sawyer Lake area. "I don’t care who you are or where you are, if you want help with booze or drugs it’s out there."

Gilmanton Police said the children’s mother will likely be facing charges on child endangerment and drug possession.

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