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Aug 26, 2016 4:56 PM

UPDATE: 2 teens cooperated with police after shooting BB guns at moving cars

GILMANTON - Police say two 14-year-olds were cooperative after they were caught shooting pellets from BB guns toward moving cars near Loon Pond, and as of Friday afternoon, they were had not been arrested or charged.

Sgt. Casey Brennan said police responded to a report of a broken window around 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon. The caller was driving his car along Province Road in Gilmanton and told police there were other vehicles around him that also had damage to them.

Brennan responded to a residence in the area looking for the people responsible. He did not disclose the exact location of that residence and had to use his megaphone to coax the teens out of hiding.

"It took about five times of me going over the PA system to get them to come out," he said on Friday. "They didn't even come out of the woods they were shooting from. I saw two sets of legs underneath the trailer over towards the woods, and I told the two children to come out."

The teens complied, telling Brennan they had been playing in the woods.

"They eventually told me they were playing with BB guns," Brennan said. "They were both very honest about shooting cars and about the guns themselves."

At first, the teens only disclosed they had two guns. Brennan later found a third gun, which has a high-power pellet gun that was "loaded" and "ready to go."

The teens' parents were not at the residence at the time, but Brennan called them and had them come to the scene. He recalled the teens were both honest and remorseful.

"They were very apologetic," he said. "They realized how serous it was once they found out that there were dented cars, broken windows and someone's going to have to pay for that. Once their parents showed up, they really knew it was pretty serious."

The teens were not arrested or charged at the time, but Brennan said his investigation is ongoing.

"I think it's just one of those things where kids are out, it's still summer," he said. "They're finding something to do. They didn't realize what they were doing."

Brennan added the teens reported hitting at least 10 cars with the pellets, but only four people have reported damage to their cars. Between those four, residents reported two broken windows and at least three dents.

Gilmanton Police are asking residents who were driving near Loon Pond on Wednesday afternoon and thought their car got hit by a rock, to check their car for damage -- like a small dent or a cracked window -- and contact them to report it.

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