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Aug 7, 2017 4:50 PM

Trendy cocktail served in copper cups may be getting people sick

Some of your favorite cocktails served in Copper mugs may be giving you more than a hangover.

According to Health officials in Iowa, copper cups can give users food poisoning symptoms. Iowa's Alcoholic Beverages Division made the declaration after examining the poisonous nature of copper and copper alloys mixing with food.

The Food and Drug Administration’s Moral Food Code says that copper is prohibited from coming into direct contact with foods that have a pH below 6.0.

Cocktails like the Moscow Mule, which are widely served in copper mugs and include lime juice, fall far below this standard.

“When copper and copper alloy surfaces contact acidic foods, copper may be leached into the food,” according to the Alcoholic Beverages Division’s statement. Copper poisoning can lead to stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting, and even yellowing of the skin.

The health warning out of Iowa does note that copper mugs often have an inner lining that uses a different metal like nickel or stainless steel, which are still safe to drink from.

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