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Nov 13, 2015 5:54 PM

These are the events that led up to Eve Tarmey's death

ROCHESTER - As Eve Tarmey's mother and her mother's boyfriend were arraigned on charges in connection to her death, court documents are revealing new information about what led up to the 17-year-old's fatal overdose.

An affidavit filed in the case summarized statements given by Tarmey's mother, Jazzmyn Rood, and Rood's boyfriend, Mark Ross.

Ross told police that he had paid his friend Leslie Aberle to drive him and Tarmey to Methuen, Mass. so that he could pick up heroin while Tarmey had plans to see a man named Manny, who she had met on Facebook.

But Manny, who Ross said was Tarmey's boyfriend, never showed up at their meeting spot - so they left and returned to Rochester.

When Ross, Tarmey and Aberle returned to room 117 at the Riviera Motel, Ross said Tarmey was "upset and hysterical about not seeing Manny," according to court documents.

Aberle then reached into her bra, broke a piece of heroin off and gave it to Ross to 'calm down' Tarmey, Ross told police.

"[Ross] said that he then placed it on the table and told E.T. to do what she normally does. He said that E.T. crushed it up and snorted it with a straw," the document said.

Later that night, while Jazzmyn Rood slept, Ross told police he got up to use the bathroom and found Tarmey "slumped over in bed".

But before calling 911, Ross said he called to threaten his drug dealer and then got rid of drug paraphernalia - including close to 40 needles. When detectives later went to investigate at the scene, they only found 10.

Ross said Rood wouldn't wake up, and it may have taken about an hour and a half before 911 was called for help.

When police interviewed Tarmey's mother, Jazzmyn Rood, she also stated that Tarmey's plan to meet up with Manny and stay with him in Massachusetts fell through.

Rood told detectives that when Ross and Aberle got back with Tarmey, the three injected themselves with heroin while Tarmey sat on the bed upset.

According to Rood, Ross then asked her to go to into the bathroom so he could try to calm Tarmey down.

Rood said she wasn't sure what Tarmey was given next, but assumed it was heroin.

On Nov. 9, Rochester Police received a toxicology report stating Tarmey's death was a result of "Acute Fetanyl Intoxication."

Warrants were then issued for the arrests of Rood, Ross and Aberle for various charges.

Rood and Ross were arraigned Friday morning. Rood is being held on $10,000 cash bail, and Ross is held on $50,000 bail.

Aberle was arrested in Massachusetts and was extradited to New Hampshire on Friday. She is expected to be arraigned next week.

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