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Apr 8, 2016 4:59 PM

Thanks to maintenance staff at Portsmouth High School, 'Ducky' has been found

PORTSMOUTH - Thanks to some maintenance workers at Portsmouth High School, a 7-year-old has gotten her beloved stuffed duck back.

Some big-hearted maintenance workers are being called heroes for finding and returning "Ducky" - a stuffed duck owned by a 7-year-old girl named Carmen who lost it in the crowded gymnasium.

According to, Carmen's mother Jennifer Philbrick, said Ducky was lost at the High School's gym Friday night, while they were there to watch the Harlem Wizards play a charity basketball game.

Carmen has had the stuffed animal since she was an infant, and her mother said Ducky has been everywhere with her. Carmen was holding Ducky in her lap when she was sitting in the bleachers, and she looked down and it was gone. Philbrick said her daughter was devastated.

With no luck of finding the duck during the game, throughout the weekend Philbrick and her husband tried to comfort a tearful Carmen by explaining to her that "things like this happen."

Philbrick then made "lost duck" fliers and handed 10 of them to high school maintenance staff so that the'd be on the lookout. On Wednesday, Philbrick was notified that school employee Chad Stefanwicz had found the stuffed duck under the bleachers.

Carmen was extremely happy to have Ducky back in her hands, and the 7-year-old then signed one of her fliers where it is hung up in the high school's maintenance office to act as a reminder and thank you for the staff's hard work and consideration.

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