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Oct 25, 2015 8:59 PM

Team 'Chunk Norris' tops Extreme Punkin Chunkin contest in Loudon

LOUDON - The catapult team known as "Chunk Norris" broke the world record for longest distance to "chunk" a pumpkin by catapult at New England's first Extreme Punkin Chunkin event this weekend, sending the orange fruit out 2,947.74 feet at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

"We crushed our own record, we beat the world record right now. I don’t know if they’ll recognize it since it’s not Delaware, but that’s always been our goal,” said Mike Powers, captain of the "Chunk Norris" team.

Extreme Pumpkin Chunkin has long been a Delaware event but moved this year to the Speedway, with fortuitous timing to coincide with the Pumpkin Festival in nearby Laconia. The event started Saturday with two rounds of pumpkin chunking and a final round on Sunday to decide the winners. In addition to the many pumpkins that were launched, so were a piano and a Volkswagen Bug to keep the crowd entertained.

A total of 19 teams loaded up their catapults, trebuchets, canons and torsions with pumpkins to see who could launch it the farthest. For many who watched, this was their first time seeing punkin's "chunked" in person. For Lindsey Stasa from Tewksbury Mass., it was impressive.

"It's cool to see how far they go" she said.

Below is a list of the categories and the winners:

Canon Teams:

American Chunker 4,536.57' (also won overall longest distance)

Second Amendment Too 4,183.68'

Yankee Doodle 3,88.20'

Catapult Teams:

Chunk Norris 2,947.74'

Sir Chunks Alot 2,340.89'

Shoulda Noed Better 2,209.21'

Trebuchet Teams:

Yankee Siege II 2,703.65'

Tired Iron 1,955.72'

Nasaw 1,941.07'

Torsion Teams:

Onager 2,139.57'

Mista Ballista 1,031.13'

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