Oct 31, 2016 2:31 PM

Take a break and battle some ghosts on Google this Halloween

Finding yourself wanting to procrastinate at work this Halloween? Google has you covered.

There’s a playable game at the top of, which is an ongoing tradition for the website on holidays.

Today, Google has us playing Magic Cat Academy. The basic idea of the game is you are a black cat defending itself against ghosts at a magic school.

The ghosts must be defeated by drawing symbols with your mouse that appear above their heads.

A few tips for your first game: start by attacking multi-symbol ghosts. You can weaken them before getting to the less complex ghosts.

Stay calm and alert, don't let your ghost anxiety get the best of you- just breathe and draw those symbols.

Magic Cat Academy may not be around for more than today, but it is a great way to take a minute break - or 10 - from work.

Happy Halloween!

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