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Oct 10, 2016 5:46 PM

Sununu tells NH1 News 'I'm staying with my support for' Trump

NH1 News Political Director

MERRIMACK – Chris Sununu calls the extremely lewd audio recordings of Donald Trump that have rocked the race for the White House “repugnant” and “disgusting.”

But New Hampshire’s Republican gubernatorial nominee says he’s “staying with my support” of the GOP presidential nominee.

The three-term executive councilor and CEO of the Waterville Valley resort made his comments Monday in an one-on-one interview with NH1 News before meeting with veterans gathered at a Columbus Day event at Anheuser-Busch Field.

Sununu, who’s a father of three children, including a young girl, said “I made a statement immediately. Those types of words have no place in any discourse. They’re repugnant. It was disgusting. And again, it was just unfortunate. There’s no place for that.”

The audio recording included extremely lewd comments by Trump regarding his attempts to have sex with women from a decade ago. The Washington Post first published the video on Friday afternoon. It captured Trump on an open microphone in 2005 using extremely offensive language when discussing trying to have sex with women. Trump made the comments to Billy Bush, who was a host for Access Hollywood at the time.

The video quickly sparked outrage not only among Democrats but also among many Republicans. On Sunday GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte told NH1 News and other news organizations “I cannot vote for Donald Trump based on what he has said and done and the actions he talked about in those tapes and I want my daughter to know that. That is more important to me than winning any election.”

Ayotte said that she’d write in the name of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, on her ballot. The senator’s move came after months of saying she would vote for but not endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump for president.

WATCH/READ: Ayotte says she'll no longer vote for Trump

New Mexico Gov. Susanna Martinez, who’s chair of the Republican Governors Association, which is running ads in support of Sununu’s bid for the Corner Office, also said she won’t vote for Trump.

Asked by NH1 News if he’s going to their footsteps or if he’s staying with Trump, Sununu said “no. I’m staying with my support for Donald Trump. My race has always been about making sure that we in New Hampshire have our voice. We talking about things that matter to New Hampshire. What we see on the national scene is disgusting on both sides of the aisle. There’s no doubt about that. That’s the type of politics that we don’t need here. The personal attacks. The negativity, the ugly words. That’s exactly what I’m running against.

“That’s where I think New Hampshire can stand out. Do it differently. Do it better. Talk about real issues that matter to people. And not just take the big Washington programs that my opponent wants to let come in here and dictate what happens in our lives. We need local control, we need individual liberty, low taxes. These are the things that give us that New Hampshire advantage. That’s what I’ve been talking about for the past year and I’m going to keep talking about, while my opponent wants to keep pushing that Washington agenda, that style of politics, I simply don’t think there’s a place for that here. And we’re going to stay positive, energetic, and make sure people understand what we’re running on to bring the best solutions to the people,” he added.

Sununu met with Trump two weeks ago when the GOP nominee held a rally in Bedford. Trump returns to New Hampshire Saturday, for a rally in Portsmouth

Asked if he’ll attend that event, Sununu told NH1 News “no. Look, with 28 days left in this campaign, we’re going to be all over the state. I’m focusing on my race, the constituents that are important to us, the issues that are important to us. So I don’t coordinate schedules by any means. I can tell you where I’ll be and what we’ll be doing but that’s it. I think it’s important that we get a focus on this race, we get people to understand that my opponent and I are starkly different in where we approach things, our background is. These are the things that matter to people and these are the things that are really going to determine the future of the state of New Hampshire over the next few years.”

Earlier Monday, at a news conference organized by the New Hampshire Democratic Party, state Rep. Cindy Rosenwald of Nashua said “Chris Sununu’s support for Donald Trump raises alarming questions about his judgement and his fitness to serve as governor.”

And the campaign of Democratic gubernatorial nominee and fellow executive councilor Colin Van Ostern also criticized Sununu.

“It’s disappointing that Chris Sununu is once again putting politics ahead of what’s best for our state and country,” Van Ostern communications director Matt Trojan said in a statement.

State Sen. Molly Kelly, State. Rep. Cindy Rosenwald, and women’s advocate Leah Plunkett speak at a New Hampshire Democratic Party news conference criticizing Chris Sununu's support for Donald Trump, at the Legislative Office Building in Concord, on October 10, 2016

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