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May 8, 2017 2:52 PM

Subaru's new 'EyeSight' technology could help save NH drivers

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Subaru's new technology not only can save you money, but it can save your life too.

We all have seen the video of crash test dummies getting rammed into a wall. The tests done the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety are the gold standard for car crash testing. They are a sobering reminder of what could happen to you if you were to get into an accident.

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Even a car with a 5-star crash rating, you will be lucky to escape a wreck with minor injuries. The only way to make a car safer is to avoid having the accident altogether. That’s exactly what Subaru has done with its new technology called "Eyesight."

According to Subaru, "EyeSight is an extra set of eyes on the road, and if needed and extra foot on the brake when you drive."

EyeSight is high tech. The system employs a pair of forward-facing stereoscopic cameras mounted inside the car on either side of the rear-view mirror, which is connected to the throttle and brakes.

The software "scans" the road ahead (up to 87 yards ahead of the car) and can initiate a series of collision warnings and avoidance measures if it determines a collision is imminent.

EyeSight also features a neat throttle-management function, which can cut engine power in certain near-collision scenarios. Whereas the collision-avoidance aspect of EyeSight brings a car to a stop, the throttle-management function can prevent the car from accelerating hard if the system thinks you’re about to run into something.

Now that’s cool. What's even cooler is that these features could save you money on your car insurance. Those savings could be bigger savings if you are trading in an older model for a new Subaru equipped with Eyesight. Studies show that Insurance companies are quickly recognizing and rewarding car owners with lower rates when they buy new safety options like eyesight. The rebates vary from company to company so make sure you tell your insurance company that you purchased Eye Sight with your new Subaru.

Check out the new tech for yourself.

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-*- This article has been sponsored by Tri City Subaru -*-

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