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Oct 26, 2015 9:56 PM

Students, parents say Spaulding High could have done more in Eve Tarmey case, bash current protocol

ROCHESTER - A building meeting for Spaulding High School held Monday night was where school board members told NH1 News they wanted to discuss a more serious agenda.

One member, Julie Brown met with NH1 News early Monday to explain the protocol for reporting students that may be dealing with drug issues at Spaulding High.

"If they would come forward and I know that high schooler's don't like to because they called a snitch but if you could save somebody's life by going to the authorities at school,” said Brown.

Brown said she would advocate for Narcan in the nurses offices - but her seat tonight at a building committee meeting was empty.

Brown told us the protocol at Spaulding is "See something, say something," - the responsibility falling on the students.

Parents aren't too pleased.

“It’s always ‘I can't do nothing about that. We can only make you write out a slip and say hey this is going on,' " said Michele Lamb, a concerned parent.

Parents said the protocol ridiculous, and that they've never heard of such a thing - asking students to keep their eyes and ears looking out for issues.

Student Kendra Johnson said no one told her it was her responsibility to look after students who may have drug issues.

She said she thinks in Tarmey’s case especially, the responsibility should have fallen on the teachers and staff.

"When they see that there's something wrong with her, I mean she was nodding off in class, and my one teacher saw her and just walked away,” Johnson said.

Brown said she stands by the superintendent.

The school's principal and the student resource officer said they all did all they could for Tarmey, but on Monday, they were unable to arrive at a conclusion or add suggestions to prevent deaths like this in the future.

Brown did tell us that she had another commitment but when we called to find out whether that stopped her from attending the meeting, our call went unanswered.

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