No Labels national co-chairmen Jon Huntsman and Joe Lieberman at their Problem Solver Convention in Manchester in October

Jan 10, 2016 11:41 PM

Steinhauser: No Labels to recognize Kasich, Christie, and four other presidential candidates Monday

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CONCORD – Three months after they held their “Problem Solver Convention” in New Hampshire, No Labels national co-chairmen Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman return to the Granite State Monday to announce the six presidential candidates who’ve taken the group’s “Problem Solver” promise.

The former Democratic and independent senator from Connecticut and the former Republican governor of Utah and former U.S. ambassador to China will be back at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, where they held their convention in mid-October.

Eight presidential candidates spoke at that convention. The group says six of them, from both parties, will express their support for the No Labels Strategic Agenda at Monday’s luncheon, which is expected to draw some 500 Granite Staters, with many of them undeclared voters.

One of those six appears to be Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. His campaign put out an email release on Sunday that indicated the governor would make remarks and take questions at the event, via satellite. Ohio Gov. John Kasich will also be recognized.

Monday morning No Labels announced all six candidates. The others included Donald Trump, Sen. Rand Paul, Dr. Ben Carson, and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

No Labels describes itself as a national movement of Democrats, Republicans and independent voters who say they’re dedicated to bipartisan efforts to solve the nation’s problems.

“Most Americans are like me, and they’re tired of the gridlock in Washington. They want to see the country’s problems addressed,” John Broderick, a No Labels New Hampshire co-chair and a former chief justice of the state supreme court, told NH1 News.

“This group is trying to say to the American people this is a way forward,” added Broderick, a former dean of the University of New Hampshire School of Law.

The six candidates being recognized say they’ll support the No Labels National Strategic Agenda, and commit to begin work with congressional leaders from both parties within 30 days of inauguration on at least one of the four agenda goals.

Those goals are: 1) Create 25 million new jobs over the next decade. 2) Secure Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years. 3) Balance the federal budget by 2030. 4) Make America energy secure by 2024.

Broderick says the recognition of the six candidates is not an endorsement.

“All we do is congratulate them for making the promise, because I think if we get all the candidates eventually to do it, there will be some incentive to find some common ground to move the country forward. So Monday’s lunch I think will be historic. We’ll have people from both sides of that aisle in the presidential campaign who are making this promise.”

“I believe that No Labels, while not the perfect solution, is the place you want to be for adult conversation about the nation’s future, sensible conversation about the nation’s future. So we want to recognize those candidates on Monday who share that view,” Broderick added.

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