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Jul 7, 2015 5:47 PM

Steinhauser: Jindal jabs at 2016 rivals, telling NH1 News 'I think we have a lot of talkers running'

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CONCORD – Bobby Jindal touts that he’s “the only candidate who has a detailed plan on how to get rid of Obamacare. Every Republican will talk about it, but it’s just a one-liner in their speech.”

In a one-on-one interview Tuesday with NH1 News, the Louisiana governor and longshot for the GOP presidential nomination took a shot at his rivals, saying “I think we have a lot of talkers running. I think we need a doer, not a talker. We have a talker in the White House, it hasn’t gone very well.”

Jindal stopped by the NH1 News studio on Tuesday, on the third day of a three-day swing through the Granite State.

Asked if his strong social conservative credentials would be a tough sell in the first-in-the-nation primary state, Jindal said “no not at all. I think people want you to be who you are. I’ve always said lets fight for 100 percent of the vote. Let’s stop dividing people into special categories.”

The conversation turned to Donald Trump’s controversial comments that many Mexican immigrants in the U.S. are killers, rapists, and drug dealers. Asked if Trump’s language is hurting the Republican Party brand, JindaI said “I disagree with the comments. I see people as individuals, not members of ethnic or economic groups. But what I believe is that we do need to secure the border. And not as part of a comprehensive bill but we need to secure the border. Secondly, folks that want to come here should come legally, to learn English, to learn our values, to roll up their sleeves and get to work.”

“Right now we have low walls and a narrow gate. I think we need high walls and a wide gate. High walls meaning we secure the border. A broad gate, we should make it easier for people who want to come here legally,” Jindal added.

Jindal touted his record of change and achievement in Louisiana, where this year he’s wrapping up his second term. While Jindal was re-elected in a landslide in 2011, his approval ratings have since tumbled. Jindal says tackling tough issues and problems doesn’t make you popular.

“It’s easy to be popular as a politician. Kiss babies, cut ribbons. You don’t make a lot of change. We’ve had now in DC a lot of leadership from politicians who simply follow the polls. That’s why we’re in so much trouble,” Jindal said.

And using a relatively new line, Jindal warned “let’s not become the next Greece. Let’s not become Puerto Rico. That is our future if we don’t cut our spending, If we don’t grow our private sector economy.”

Jindal’s joined by his wife Supriya on his current campaign swing. Asked who’s taking care of their three kids, Jindal said they’re taking “time between the in-laws and my folks, which means, as you know, you’ve got young children, that means the grandparents have been feeding them all kind of junk food, they’ve been staying up too late watching TV they’re not supposed to watch. I’m sure a lot of summer reading did not get done.”

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