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Jan 12, 2016 12:05 AM

Steinhauser - First on NH1 News: Trump back to NH on Saturday and again next Monday

NH1 Political Director -

WINDHAM – Donald Trump’s picking up the pace when it comes to campaign visits to New Hampshire.

On the day that he made his first retail stop in the Granite State, NH1 News learned that the Republican presidential front runner will return to New Hampshire on Saturday, and again next Monday in Portsmouth.

Trump held a rally Monday at the Castleton Banquet and Conference Center in Windham, packing about 450-500 supporters into the main hall. The visit came just six days after he drew some 1,500 to the high school gymnasium in Claremont.

As he always does at his events, Trump began his comments by touting the most recent polls that he tops, including a new survey from NH1 News.

“Here’s one that I love. New Hampshire 1, right. And I’ll bet that that’s very accurate. Thirty-two to eleven. Thirty-two to eleven. That’s big. That’s big. Thirty-two to eleven. I love New Hampshire 1,” Trump raved.

After his poll recitation, Trump started taking aim at multiple targets, from rivals Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz to Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Watch: Trump boots heckler from rally

And Trump also trained his fire on the New Hampshire Union Leader, with his trip to the first-in-the-nation primary state coming one day after ABC News announced it dropped New Hampshire’s largest and most politically influential newspaper as a co-host in the Feb. 6 GOP debate in the Granite State. Trump is taking credit for the move.

The newspaper’s editorial board endorsed Chris Christie six weeks ago, and in recent weeks publisher Joe McQuaid and Trump have traded harsh rhetoric.

At the rally in Windham, Trump called the Union Leader a “really a dishonest paper though. It’s terrible,” adding “personally I don’t think they’ll be in business much longer.”

And he targeted McQuaid, saying "you have a guy who's out of control. He thinks he's hot stuff. He's not hot stuff.”

Trump also knocked former Gov. John H. Sununu, who last week wrote an op-ed in the Union Leader that was critical of Trump.

“I mean he was fired by Bush. I mean he was fired. Right. And he was fired like a dog. He was fired viciously. And he’s such a dumb guy he didn’t know he was fired,” Trump said, talking about the then-President George H.W. Bush White House Chief of Staff’s resignation under fire in 1991.

Sununu later dismissed Trump as “thinned-skinned” and a “light-weight” and argued that anyone who votes for Trump is really “voting for Hillary.”

Trump: “My dream” to run against Sanders

Once again, Trump hurled insults at Bush.

“I mean Bush, what is Bush doing,” Trump asked, before adding “sometimes it’s time for a guy like that to just go home, relax, take it easy, be with your family, he’s got a nice family, be with your family.”

As for why he so often attacks the former GOP presidential front runner, Trump said “I do it with Bush because he spends so much time advertising. This guy’s spending millions and millions of dollars with negative ads. If he’d turn off his ads I wouldn’t hit him.”

Trump also questioned Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who’s tied with Trump in the latest public opinion surveys in Iowa, which holds the first caucus. Continuing a line of attacks over Cruz’s birth in Canada, which Trump first made on TV in an exclusive interview with NH1 News last Tuesday in Claremont, he said “Ted Cruz has a problem because the question is ‘is he a natural born citizen’?

“It’s not a settled matter, Trump added. “In the case of Ted, he has to figure it out.”

And Trump warned that “you can’t have a nominee who is going to be subject to be thrown out as a nominee. You just can’t do it. So you’re going to make that decision folks. It’s one of those little decisions. I’m sure that Ted is thrilled that I’m helping him out, but I am. I mean I am. I mean he’s gotta go and gotta fix it. ”

Trump once again slammed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but he also fired away at Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who’s battling Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“Oh would I love to run against Bernie. Oh,” professed Trump.

“Please FBI, please go after Hillary. I want to run against Bernie. Oh, that’s a dream come true. This guy. He would make some president. 90% tax everybody. Does anybody mind paying a 90% tax, because if you go with Bernie go, you’re to have yourself a nice 90% tax. He wants to take it all away from you,” Trump added.

“I want to run against Bernie. That’s my dream. That’s my dream. That’s the one. That’s the one I really want,” he continued.

Trump also got quite vocal when he was interrupted by a heckler wearing a red Donald Trump baseball cap.

“This is boring. This is boring,” the man said out loud, before adding “tell some jokes.”

“Get him out of here. Get him out. Go” Trump said to security guards.

“Nothing funny about this,” Trump added. “He wants jokes. There’s nothing funny about this. I’s so serious. Out, out, out. Get out of here” Trump continued.

Following the rally, Trump headed to the Red Arrow Diner in downtown Manchester, where he greeted patrons, enjoyed a burger, and gave interviews with veteran New Hampshire political reporter John Distaso and with the Wall Street Journal.

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