Nov 18, 2015 9:28 PM

Steinhauser-First on NH1 News: New pro-GOP group targets Clinton over 'radical Islam'

NH1 Political Director -

CONCORD – A new pro-Republican third-party group backed by some top GOP donors with deep pockets is going up with digital ads Thursday targeting Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Iowa.

NH1 News has learned that Future 45 will launch an animated display ad and a Google search ad campaign on the day that Clinton delivers a what’s being touted as a major national security address to outline her strategy to defeat ISIS in the wake of last Friday’s horrific terrorist attacks in Paris.

Future 45 is a Super PAC formed this autumn to take aim at the former secretary of state and front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The animated display ad reads “Hillary Clinton Won’t Even Say Radical Islam. If she can’t even name the problem. How can she be the solution. Do You Agree?”

The text on the Google search ad is similar.

Last weekend, at the second Democratic presidential debate, Clinton and her two rivals for the nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, agreed with President Obama in declining to use the term “radical Islam.”

Clinton said using the term would be “painting with too broad a brush,” and said the term was “not particularly helpful.”

“I’m certain ISIS, Al-Qaida and the rest of the radical islamists are grateful to Secretary Clinton for her political correctness, but the American people think it’s absurd and insulting,” Future45 Senior Adviser Dan Conston told NH1 News.

Conston said the ad campaign, which will run through Sunday, will reach out to independents in New Hampshire and Iowa, the two states that kick off the presidential primary and caucus calendar.

Correct the Record, the pro-Democratic third-party group that defends Clinton from Republican criticism, responded to Future45's campaign.

"This video and the xenophobic rhetoric being spewed by the Republican Party plays right into the hands of terrorist organizations. While Republicans fear monger, Hillary Clinton will today unveil her strategy on how to counter ISIS and combat radical jihadism across the globe. Granite Staters will see Hillary’s leadership, experience and resolve, and they will decide for themselves who is most prepared to lead," Correct the Record spokemsn Daniel Wessel told NH1 News.

Last month Future45, which references the numerical ranking of the next president, launched its first ad, which criticized Clinton over her role in the violence and instability in Libya, which last year erupted into a renewed in civil war. The ad uses a clip of Clinton saying “I was responsible for quite a bit.”

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