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Jan 7, 2016 11:31 PM

Steinhauser: Fiorina says media 'plays right along' with Donald Trump

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HOOKSETT – Carly Fiorina says President Obama’s executive action tightening gun laws is “lawless.”

And in a one-on-one interview with NH1 News, the only woman in the Republican presidential field also said she’s “delighted” over the actions of CARLY for America, a super PAC supporting her White House bid that has taken over many of the traditional grassroots outreach responsibilities of a presidential campaign.

And Fiorina chided the media, saying “it plays right along” with GOP front runner Donald Trump.

The former Hewlett Packard chief executive spoke with NH1 News on Tuesday, moments before she addressed a forum on addiction and the heroin epidemic at Southern New Hampshire University.

The interview started with Fiorina describing how the heroin epidemic truly hits home for her.

“We lost our daughter Lori to addictions and so I personally know the heartbreak that a parent feels and I know that too many people in New Hampshire understand that heartbreak. I also know that if we are not treating drug additions we’re part of the problem and too often we punish drug addiction, we incarcerate addicts, but we don’t help them. So that’s why I’m delighted to be here today, not just to talk about my personal experiences but to talk about what we can do to make things better for more parents and more kids,” Fiorina said.

Asked what steps she would take as president to try and stem the tide of addiction abuse, Fiorina said “well we can make sure that local community based programs, many of which I’ve visited here in New Hampshire, get the resources they need. So CADY, for example, here in New Hampshire, is a wonderful community based program that does a lot of great work in both prevention and treatment, but it doesn’t have the resources that it needs, so we can push resources and money to programs that we know work. Secondly we need to reform our criminal justice system. Because we have the highest incarceration rates in the world and at least at half of the people in prison are addicts and we’re not helping them by incarcerating them. There are some interesting and innovative programs in states around the union, Texas, Georgia, that are proving that if you get addicts out of prison and into treatment, you help them.”

Fiorina spoke with NH1 News minutes after President Obama signed an executive order on gun control that broadened background checks for gun purchases. Asked if she agreed with the President’s actions, Fiorina said “I agree with the part that he should have been doing seven years ago, so seven years ago he should have been more vigilant in enforcing the laws we have, he should have been hiring more FBI agents for background checks that already exist. And hiring more DEA agents and ATF agents. He didn’t do any of that. He waited until today to announce that he was serious about enforcing the laws that we have. As for the rest of it. It’s lawless. It’s executive overreach once again. His executive orders on immigration are lawless and his executive order on expanding background checks is lawless as well.”

Asked if she agreed with the idea of the expansion of background checks overall, Fiorina answered “you know a bipartisan Congress and Senate has rejected this over and over again. So I think we need to start with enforcing the laws that we have. We know for example that Dylann Roof in South Carolina never should have been sold a gun, but the background checks weren’t used appropriately. So enforce the laws that we have. It will make a big endorsement.”

Asked about her endorsement by Ovide LaMontange and about how she felt about CARLY for America, a super PAC that she has no communication with or control over, controlling many of the aspects of her campaign, Fiorina said “well first of all I’m delighted that Ovide LaMontagne has endorsed us and actually is he serving as my campaign state chairman. And he will be tremendously helpful in the final 35 days on the ground in New Hampshire. His wife Betty endorsed me early on in my campaign. Carly for America is out there building a ground game from what I can tell and I’m delighted there doing this. I see their volunteers all the time and I’m grateful that they’re out there.”

Fiorina spoke with NH1 News hours after she compared Donald Trump to Kim Kardashian in a tweet. Asked if she was trying to garner media attention with the tweet, Fiorina responded “for heavens sakes, everybody knows that the data is very clear. Donald Trump has gotten far more coverage than all the rest of the candidates combined. Donald Trump is famous for being famous just as Kim Kardashian is, and both of them use the media. The media plays right along with Donald Trump, he is like the pied piper for the media. I think everybody knows that’s what going on.”

And she went on to criticize Trump’s business resume, saying “I think that Donald Trump’s business experience, such as it is, is mostly focused on the promotion of himself and let’s face it. He’s done a really good job of that. But that’s not sufficient experience to be president of the United States .And indeed when Donald Trump is in the news all day, every day, he’s never presented a plan for defeating ISIS. He’s never presented a plan for getting the economy going and going again. He is a great promoter of his brand. He is not a leader and he cannot be our nominee.”

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