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Sep 30, 2015 8:47 PM

Steinhauser: Donald Trump touts tax plan, criticizes rivals, in exclusive NH1 News Interview

NH1 News Political Unit

KEENE – Donald Trump defended his new tax plan and took shots at Republican presidential nomination rivals Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul in a one-on-one interview with NH1 News.

The GOP presidential front runner spoke exclusively with NH1 News as he arrived for a rally Wednesday evening at the high school in Keene. Trump spoke to supporters in the school's jam-packed gym and in a large overflow room. Trump said that some 3,600 people attended the event.

Trump’s visit to the first-in-the-nation primary state, his first in two weeks, came two days after he unveiled his proposals to revamp the tax code and cut tax rates.

Trump pushed back against a preliminary analysis of his plan by the conservative group the Tax Foundation that his tax cuts for the wealthiest and poorest Americans would balloon the deficit by $12 trillion over ten years.

Trump said his proposals are “going to create jobs. They’re going to be coming back from China, from Japan, from Mexico, from everywhere and I think you going to see this just like a rocket ship Paul. It’s going to go up and it’s going to be great. And we’re really happy and we’ve gotten great reviews from most people. Now some people are critical. They say oh gee, maybe we’re not taking enough tax revenue. The economy is going to grow. Somebody else just said ‘very Reaganesque.’ This was a ‘Reaganesque’ plan.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the one-time front runner for the nomination who put out his own tax plan earlier this month, Tuesday took to Twitter to criticize Trump, writing “ Finally saw Donald's 'tax plan.' Looks familiar! I'm flattered. But he should've stuck with growth & fiscal responsibility.”

Trump returned fire, telling NH1 News that “Jeb Bush knows nothing about jobs. He’s never produced jobs. He’s worked for boards where they hire and pay him money because he was a former governor.”

“I’ve created tens of thousands of jobs. I have thousands of people working for me right now. I know what people want. This is going to be a great plan and it’s going to get the economy started. And we’re bringing back a lot of jobs, a tremendous amount of jobs from China and other places,” he added.

Trump also took shots at Rubio. The senator from Florida’s poll numbers have taken off since a well-reviewed performance at the second GOP debate two weeks ago.

“He’s way behind. Look, he’s fine, but he cannot do the job. We need somebody who’s going to take our business back from all these other countries that are ripping us. We need somebody who’s tough and sharp and smart. I don’t see it over there. That I can tell you,” Trump said.

While his war of words with Rubio is recent, Trump’s been involved in a months’ long verbal fistfight with Paul, the senator from Kentucky. Tuesday he predicted that he’ll drive Paul out of the race for the nomination.

Asked about his prediction, Trump said “Rand Paul is at one percent and at some point he’s gotta run for, I assume, senator of Kentucky. And the people of Kentucky are very upset, it’s like what are they, second fiddle. And if I were in Kentucky I wouldn’t be very happy. So I would imagine if you’re one percent it’s makes common sense that at some point he’ll be dropping out.”

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