Donald Trump at a rally in Farmington on Jan. 25

Jan 25, 2016 9:57 PM

Steinhauser: Donald Trump tells supporters in NH to ignore polls 'and vote'

NH1 News Political Director

FARMINGTON – Donald Trump urged his supporters Monday to not “worry about the polls” and “go out and vote.”

And the Republican presidential front runner, at a rally in Farmington, fired away multiple times at Ted Cruz, his main rival right now for the GOP nomination, saying the Canadian born senator from Texas “could run right now for prime minister of Canada, he’d have no problem.”

Trump, back in the first-in-the-nation primary state for the first time in a week, kicked off his rally at Farmington’s jam-packed high school gym the way he always does, by touting his poll position. But he quickly urged his supporters “to get out and vote. Don’t worry about polls because there’s only one poll that counts. You know what that is, February ninth for you people.”

“These polls have gotten so crazy, so positive, that I hate to tell them to you, because I want you to go out, you gotta go out,” he urged.

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Trump paid a compliment to many of his rivals for the nomination, saying “we have some very good people. I mean I have to tell you on stage I’ve gotten to know and I really like some of the people. I hate criticizing some of them actually.”

But minutes later Trump said “my new battle is with a gentleman named Ted Cruz, because you gotta speak the truth. The Canadian. The man from Canada.”

And Trump zeroed in on Cruz over reports in the last two weeks that the senator from Texas initially failed to report a half million dollar loan to his successful 2012 campaign to the U.S. Senate.

“In his financial report he didn’t report, he didn’t report, I don’t know why. I think I know why but I won’t say it. But he didn’t report that he’s got loans from Goldman Sachs and Citi.”

And Trump targeted Cruz over the volatile issue of illegal immigration, charging that “guys like Ted, they were for amnesty. Now they’re trying to strengthen up.”

Trump also criticized former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the one-time front runner for the nomination.

“He’s so low in the polls, I mean why would I talk about the guy, except he takes so many ads about me and he said today on television ‘I’m the only guy who attacks Donald Trump.’ Oh big deal, big deal. He thinks he’s going to get points. He attacks and loses. He doesn’t win,” Trump charged.

Later, Trump jabbed at Bush over his support in a new ad from his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush.

“He brings his mother, who’s a very nice women by the way, but he brings his mother and I say Jeb your mother’s not going to help you negotiate with China,” Trump said.

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