Apr 2, 2016 6:25 PM

SNOW ROUND 2: Another winter blast for Monday

NH1 Chief Meteorologist

Just incredible really how quickly this is all happening! On Friday, we were in the lower 70s, and now, we are heading straight back into winter! Luckily, it won't be lasting very long, but Mother Nature is always good for some cruel jokes!

Sunday will be a blast of cold Arctic winds, which will have us knowing full well the winter chill is back. Keep the hats and coast handy! But on Monday, another Clipper low will be digging in from the Great Lakes and tracking towards the Mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

A swath of snow north of that low will quickly spread into New England and New Hampshire during the pre-dawn hours of Monday. It will be snowing steadily all Monday morning into the afternoon hours. Snow will gradually be tapering off by the evening commute Monday, as the low pulls away.

How much snow can we expect? It's tricky because this time of year, the sun's radiation can really take a bite out of snow total accumulation. This is especially true when snow falls during the daylight hours, which this will do. The snow can be wet, and roads, most of the time, remain wet and without any snow accumulation on them. I expect this on Monday.

This is not a big storm. But it is another 1-3 inches of snow, which will fall on top what fell early Sunday morning. Could roads become snow-covered? Sure! Especially in areas that could receive 3 inches of snow. Temps will be cold, as well, with highs in only in the lower 30s, holding near 32.

When you add up what falls early Sunday to what will fall on Monday ... some areas across Southern New Hampshire have the potential for a two-day total of 3-6 inches of snow! Factor in the cold that will be in place through Wednesday .... you know the deal. Winter is back for now!

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