Feb 14, 2016 5:45 PM

Skiers bundle up and hit the slopes on coldest weekend of 2016 so far

GILFORD - Despite temperatures in the negatives for most of Sunday, the cold didn't stop Gunstock Mountain Resort from running their lifts for some die-hard riders.

"We decided we had to come up and ski Gunstock so right now, my wife and two older kids are skiing. There are no lines and they're having the time of their lives," Michael Cipoletti said after driving up from Connecticut.

Spoken like a true New Englander, Cipoletti and his family hit the slopes Sunday morning when the temperatures outside were still -15 degrees. But they're not the only ones who faced the cold.

"It's good weather, the mountain is empty and once you're committed to going skiing, you're going to come out anyways," Rick Dahl of Gilford told NH1 News. Dahl and his two young daughters had been skiing since 9 a.m. and stayed until closing at 4 p.m.

Though high winds delayed the opening of the summit lift in the morning, all trails and chairlifts remained open through the weekend.

"The snow is beautiful, you know I called it crispy corduroy in the report this morning so the skiing and riding is tremendous. This weather and the forecasting that's gone on and the warnings that have been issued and those kinds of things, has slowed things down a bit, but I really think people are just pushing off their days until later in the week," Director of Resort Services, Jake Jacobsen, said.

With temperatures below zero and strong winds, however, comes the risk of frost bite for skiers and riders.

"Keep yourselves covered up. Any exposed skin, if you see any white spots get inside," Jacobsen said. "Don't be afraid to say I need a break."

Yet riders have other ways to cope with the freezing temperatures while out on the mountain.

"When you're outside, I think what you're doing is trying to ski as hard and as fast as possible. And then when we're inside, my daughter and I play cards. Many, many, many games of cards," Cipoletti said.

"We'll do a few runs then come in and get some hot chocolate, and the hand warmers in the gloves and everything's alright," Dahl said.

So instead of waiting for that warm weather, skiers may want to head to the mountain while there's no lift lines. Just make sure to be prepared and bundle up.

"I would say do it. Absolutely do it. Once you take that first run, the day will be fabulous," stated Cipoletti.

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