May 26, 2016 6:47 PM

'Should I have my water tested?' NH1 explores possible water contaminants

Contaminated water concerns across New Hampshire may have you asking, "Should I have my water tested?" The answer depends on several factors.

1. WELLS: If you have a well, you should test every year for common contaminants, like iron and sulfer.

2. TASTE: Test your water immediately if you detect a funny taste. If it smells like eggs, it could be hydrogen sulfide. Also, consider other contaminants, like E-Coli, that can be disease-causing.

3. STAINS: If your laundry or piping is stained, there could be iron or copper in your water source.

4. STOMACH ISSUES: If someone in your family has a recurrent stomach issue, test for Coliform bacteria. We most often hear about that during the summer when a pond or lake is closed for fecal contamination.

5. OLD PLUMBING: Do you have old brass plumbing? You should test your household for lead. This toxin can be really dangerous to drink.

Most people receive water from a community water system, so next time you get your water bill, double-check it to see if it includes any information on contaminants found in the water source.

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