Dec 1, 2014 5:36 PM

Senate Republicans manage to survive $$$ onslaught. NH1 News Investigation into how they did it!



This could have been the perfect storm election for state senate republicans.
Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley hauled in a $2 million war chest to try and seize back the Senate majority with popular senator Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan at the top of the ballot.

"One of the lessons we learned from 2010 was we had to build a robust financial program for our legislative and executive council races in a non-presidential year,'' said Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley.

That was a 3-1 advantage for the democrats compared to fundraising committees of the state GOP.
The Democratic Party raised $1.3 million as the Republican State Committee had collected $371,000.
The Senate Democratic Caucus had put together $540,000 as the Republican counterpart raised $309,000.

Likewise, the Committee to Elect House Democrats had $155,000 to play with which was more than twice the $66,000 the Committee to Elect House Republicans had.

"These Republican senators knew they were facing a 3-1 advantage as the state democratic party had some national figures raising some big money on their behalf,'' said Rich Killion, a Republican media campaign consultant.

But no Senate Republican was caught napping and a NH1 News investigation found several broke their own records for raising money.

Senator Dave Boutin of Hooksett raised a record $200,000 for him, better than 2-1 to defeat Democrat Maureen Manning.

Senate Finance Chairwoman Jeannine Forrester put together a cash pile 35 times higher than her little known opponent, Carolyn Mello.

Even Senate President Chuck Morse, with no opponent at all, socked away $210,0000.

When the dust settled on Nov. 3, every single Senate Republican survived.

Given this advantage, New Hampshire Democrats had, Senate Republicans had to run scared or be run out of office. Their healthy fear is the reason why many of them are still holding a title.


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