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Sep 8, 2016 12:01 PM

Research: Chemicals from Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth pose health risks to public

PORTSMOUTH — Emerging research shows that chemicals present at the former Pease Air Force Base are causing serious health risks to the public.

The former Pease Air Force Base - shut down in 1991 - used large quantities of chemicals, called highly fluorinated compound, to fight fire and in practice drills. These chemicals have been linked to serious health risks, according to Newsweek.

These health risks include cancer, obesity, harm to the immune system and brain, and disruption of the normal activity of bodily hormones.

The chemicals basically never break down and they accumulate once they get into the environment. Therefore, the chemicals have seeped into the groundwater and remained there in the area of Pease.

Currently the former air force base is home to a large office park.

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