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Nov 30, 2016 3:36 PM

Remember these safety tips while you shop in NH during the holiday season

Stay safe while shopping this holiday season by following these tops sent out by the Laconia Police Department.

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1. Use only EMV or Chip-Enabled credit and debit cards. Don’t bypass the chip capability by swiping your card instead.

2. Be wary of your surroundings and for people lurking nearby during transactions or while using the ATM. Be on the lookout for people photographing or videotaping you entering your pin number or personally identifiable information.

3. Be careful of odd-looking ATMs and card readers on gas pumps for skimming devices. The card insert tends to look larger or deeper than normal if a skimming device is attached and there is often a camera involved to capture your pin.

4. Pay close attention to your financial accounts for fraudulent activity. Although many banks and credit card companies will reimburse you for funds lost through fraud, the sooner you realize you’ve been victimized, the less hassle you’ll have in the long run.

5. When shopping, ensure you lock your car doors and place any items of value out of sight or in the trunk. Thieves often look for easy opportunities.

6. Don’t put your wallet, purse or cell phone in your shopping cart. Thieves will look for opportunities to take these items from you when you turn your back.

7. Report any suspicious behavior or activity to your local police department. The best chance police have in apprehending criminals is early intervention and reporting.

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