Sep 7, 2014 5:01 AM

Rape and Rotherham and the New Religious Dictates

There's a good op-ed piece by Ross Douthat in today's NYT--as far as it goes--that deserves a wide reading since the rest of the media is understandably shying away from it. I asked my wife if she's heard anything about forced prostitution and rape and Rotherham. She hasn't.

However, Douthat ignores a fact that makes the multicultural madness even worse, much worse than the analogy he curiously uses with the Catholic Church: the active collusion by the police, even when teenage girls alleging abuse offered physical evidence. It's even reported the police viewed the white girls with contempt.

Even when a researcher blew the whistle on the problem in Rotherham in a 2001 report, she was exiled to Diversity Sensitivity Training Fascism for the Thought Crime.

That makes the whole thing infinitely more despicable: it shows how multiculturalism can corrupt much more than a few bureaucrats and politicians fearing being labeled as racist. Diversity is the new religion in our post-Christian age. These young girls were probably engaging in sexual contact with these Muslim men in an effort to comply with its very dictates. One could draw a parallel with young women here in the States having babies with Hispanic or Black hoodlums.

And will heads roll for this scandal? They certainly should.

And since many of these girls in Rotherham, a Labour stronghold, appear to be from single mothers relying on the state for financial support (while reciprocating by voting Labour) the role of broken families once again should be considered. When the daddy is the state girls are less protected; no arrangement other than the traditional one works as well: an intact family of a father and a mother.

That's something else Ross Douthat misses.

In Rotherham what's needed is apparently some White pride as an act of self-preservation. Consider what the last virile WASP holdout--Northern Ireland--does to its Third World immigrants: a racist beat down, courtesy of White hoodlums who haven't bought into Multiculturalism. I can't condone that brutal racist attack. But...could Rotherham have happened in Ulster?

Not on your life.


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