May 19, 2015 8:02 PM

Presidential order bans 'military type' vehicles, equipment for local law enforcement


A presidential order announced Tuesday bans federal money for the purchase of "military-type" equipment for law enforcement.

The ban includes things like tank-like armored vehicles (with tracks instead of wheels), weaponized aircraft, high-caliber weapons, even camouflage uniforms. The president said they send the wrong message.

The Keene Police Department has a bearcat. In the past it has been used to respond to riots. It has wheels though, instead of tracks.

Here in New Hampshire a band of lawmakers said local, county and state police have already spent $6-million of federal money on "military type" equipment, a practice they would like to see stopped.

New Hampshire House Bill 407, approved in may, established a committee to study the classifications of military vehicles and equipment.


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