Jul 31, 2016 2:48 PM

Portsmouth couple launches Kickstarter campaign for children's behavior program

PORTSMOUTH - Nikki and Steve Parlin have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support their brainchild Fair Change, a coin-based accounting system to promote good behavior in children.

As of Sunday, the couple has reached $1,180 of the $5,700 goal.

According to the Kickstarter page, the couple said the idea came from their own experiences as parents: "As parents to four young children, we, like most families, struggled with behavior improvement techniques. One of the greatest challenges for parents (ourselves included) is to be consistent with expectations concerning behavior and consequences. That's why we developed Fair Change."

Fair Change uses metal coins to help parents and children keep track of rewards, consequences and last chances. The goal is to offer children a tangible motivator and reminder.

The Parlins said, "Your child will start the day with two last chance coins. Each time they misbehave, they will forfeit one of their last chances. If they misbehave again and have no last chance coins left, they will receive a lose coin, which for example could be "lose television." If your child makes it to the end of the day with any last chance coins left, they can pick a win coin, such as "late bedtime" to be turned in for their reward."

More information is available on the Fair Change Kickstarter page or the Fair Change website.

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