Feb 9, 2016 1:14 PM

Pig out of the poke - wanted to vote? 600-lb oinker crashes NH Primary polls

PELHAM - The New Hampshire presidential primary has gone to the hogs.

A 600-plus-pound pig in Pelham got its 15 minutes of fame when it got loose and headed for the polling place at the high school on Tuesday morning.

Police were called to Marsh Road after the pig was spotted nearby. It was clearly eager to make friends with the officers, trailing them around even as they tried to turn on their heels to avoid the affectionate snout.

The pig was videotaped outside the high school and temporarily hogged the social media spotlight when the video went viral.

Pelham officers were able to determine that the pig came from a local farm and contacted the owner of the pig. The owner subsequently came to the high school and retrieved the pig.

In response to several media inquiries, police issued a "brief synopsis regarding a large pig located at the Pelham High School during primary voting."

Huge pig at Pelham voting location from ddcomeau on Vimeo.

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