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Mar 31, 2016 9:55 AM

Owner: Missy the pig was never on the chopping block; butcher was a family friend

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Turns out Missy the Pot-Bellied Pig might never have been in danger of becoming dinner, after all.

READ: Butcher drops off 'Missy' the pot-bellied pig at NH SPCA to be put up for adoption

The New Hampshire SPCA posted on Facebook on Wednesday that Missy was dropped off at the New Hampshire SPCA animal adoption center, after a butcher realized that she belonged in a home.

The post said Missy's previous owners didn't want her and were the ones to drop her off at the butcher, where the butcher thought otherwise.

Take a look:

Missy is a 3 year old pot-bellied house pig. She was brought to us because her owners no longer wanted her and took her...

Posted by New Hampshire SPCA on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

However, after NH1 News posted the story to Facebook, people who claimed to be the former owners and the butcher told a different story.

First was Eric Scott Tucker. Part of Tucker's post read, "let me explain missy was me and my ex girlfriends pig and me and my girlfriend parted ways and she tried to care for missy as ling as she could."

The reported ex-girlfriend, Ryleigh Rafuese, also posted. "We've spoke with the spca two weeks ago when I found out missy was there. They got all the information they needed about her and said that what they were told would be changed and they clearly didn't."

Then came the reported butcher James Akerman, who also supports the owners' story. "I have been life long friends with the family and saw how it broke this young girls heart to have to rehome her. The fact that I'm I butcher is not a factor. She contacted me because she knew I dealt with a lot of farms and wanted to find her a good home to live out her life."

NH1 News spoke with Rafuese on Thursday, who said she gave Missy to Akerman in January because he had found a home for the pig. She said Missy had a whole diaper bag of goodies that belonged to her, including bath toys.

However, that original family fell through but she had heard Akerman had found a second home. Rafuese said she thought Missy had been living with a family in Barnstead before she saw the shelter's post.

Rafuese said she hasn't spoken to Akerman since he picked up Missy.

NH1 News also left a message for Akerman but he has not returned our call.

That all being said, the New Hampshire SPCA is still looking for an experienced pig owner to adopt Missy.

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