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NH1 Weather Insider with meteorologist Bill Gile for June 14, 2015

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High pressure will build across northern New England throughout Sunday which means a nice, dry comfortable day will be coming our way. However, it will end up being a bit of a “dirty” High. Typically High pressure moving overhead results in clear skies, but this one will have some clouds associated with it. One such batch of clouds will move through during the morning followed by a fair amount of sunshine for midday. Then more clouds will be gathering later in the afternoon and evening as that High shifts to the east and a frontal complex begins drawing closer to New England. Temperatures statewide will be quite pleasant running in the 75-80 degree range, except for the coastal beaches where a gentle seabreeze holds numbers in the low 70s.
Late Sunday night and early Monday morning will bring showers our way and it appears the heavier rains will be likely in the western part of the state from about Haverhill to Richmond especially between the hours of 4-10am and then things will taper back to occasional showers for all areas for the rest of the day.
Another round of showers and thunderstorms will come through Tuesday morning as Low pressure moves right across the region with a warm front early in the day and then a trailing cold front during the afternoon. That cold will also generate it’s own batch of showers and perhaps a thunderstorm as it passes. Then some very pleasant conditions will settle in for Wednesday and Thursday with readings in the 70s. The next threat of a shower or storm will be Thursday night and then sunshine will prevail into next weekend with temperatures heading into the upper 70s and low 80s. Father’s day, right now, looks to be very warm and humid with highs in the mid-upper 80s.
One final and VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY thought to keep in mind as the summer approaches and I will remind you of it from time to time because every year we hear about these type of stories on the news. NEVER take your pets for a ride in the car to the store or to run quick errands where you have to leave them in the car! Even with the windows cracked two inches and a visible breeze outside on just an 80 degree day, the inside cockpit of your vehicle will not experience the breeze and the temperature will rise to a stifling 110 degrees in 15-20 minutes! Remember your pet can not perspire and serious injury or death can result within 25-30 minutes! This same holds true for infants and children left in the car. Especially, if you are a new parent whenever you put your child in the car/van make sure you leave something (like a wallet, pocketbook or purse) in the back seat that you absolutely will need to take with you upon getting out of your vehicle so that you don’t forget that you have a child in the back. Some kids tend to fall asleep during drives and you can forget they are there. Also, if your car is parked in your driveway, LOCK IT so that the kids don’t climb in to try to play in it. And if you are putting your child in a car seat in a vehicle that has been in the sun for a while make sure you check those metal buckles to make sure they are not too hot for when you go to buckle the kids in!
Ok, that’s it for now. Have a great weekend!

Bill Gile | Meteorologist

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