Jan 23, 2016 12:14 AM

NH1 Weather Insider with Joe Joyce: January 23, 2016

NH1 Chief Meteorologist

Enjoy your weekend and count your blessings that you are not dealing with this winter storm that is affecting so many people in the Mid-Atlantic all the way to Southern New England. High Pressure across the Canadian border is supplying the cold into the storm to keep precipitation all snow, yet the high is close enough to New Hampshire to provide sinking, stable air and prevent the snow from pushing any farther north into the state.

If you get the chance, check out the radar today as we are going to be seeing a historic storm absolutely pounding eastern PA to NJ to Long Island with blizzard conditions. A Blizzard warning was expanded into southern coastal CT Friday night with the potential for seeing 12-18" of snow. Yes, it has been a struggle determining how far north and how much moisture will be pushing into Southern New England. It is now safe to say we should be seeing one heck of an intense band of snow setting up along the south coast and pushing into CT, RI and SE MA. There is an incredible amount of lift, moisture, instability in this deformation band of snow which will help to make for excessive snow which could exceed our early estimates. Estimates of 6-9" along the south coast could become even higher with a few areas seeing close to 12". Amounts dropping off closer to the Pike.

With a high to the north and a deepening low south of New England, strong winds will be developing for the Mid-Atlantic Coast all the way to Cape Cod. The winds will be gusting over 50 mph at the coast and making for dangerous blizzard conditions which could knock out power for a few days. The strong winds will be pushing seas of 15-20 feet offshore...onshore during a high astronomical high tide which will likely create major coastal flooding across New Jersey with flooding comparable to a hurricane. A state of emergency was issued by New Jersey Friday night. Obviously, this is a serious storm which could become increasingly deadly for those not prepared or those taking chances in the elements.

The snow will fall all across southern New England into the early evening. The snow will be ending Saturday a night as the Storm begins to pull away. Across New Hampshire, it's amazing what a difference 50 miles will make! Cloudy cool conditions can be expected with highs in the mid 20's. The Lakes and north country will see brighter skies, partly sunny Saturday. Definitely a cool day. As the storm pulls away Saturday Night, colder air will be driven back into the state with clearing skies and lows in the single digits. Sunshine will be in place for Sunday with temps climbing back into the Lwr 30's by the afternoon, just in time for kick off. Next week will be storm free with a milder feel to the air. It won't be time for the beach but it will provide an opportunity to thaw out a bit!

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