On Golden Pond (1981)

Mar 5, 2015 11:04 AM

NH1 Top 5: The best movies set in NH


We all know New Hampshire is beautiful, but do all those movie goers think based on what's been put on the silver screen? There are more than a few films set in the Granite State (many by famous Granite Stater Adam Sandler).

So how does the state stack up critically according to critics? There are 17 films set in New Hampshire rated on Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review aggregation site, and the average rating of those flicks? A very respectable 71%!

We're "Certified Fresh" as the site would say!

Here are their Top 5 movies set in New Hampshire (my personal favorite, What About Bob?, just missed the cut...):

1 (tie) - The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) - 100%

Often referred to as a favorite of classic buffs, this flick follows a simple New England farmer who jsut so happens to suffering from a long run of bad luck, which leads him to make a deal with the devil - seven years of good luck and wealth for his soul.

The weath and luck change the farmer, and he begins to lose the inherent joys he enjoyed when he was "unlucky." Realizing he make a mistake, the farmer enlists the help of the great Daniel Webster, who tests the contract in a fair trial.

1 (tie) - Northwest Passage (1940) - 100%

This adaptation from the novel of the same name is considered by many to be a classic.

The film is set in 1759, as a young artist is expelled from Harvard. And winds up as a cartographer along with his buddy for a famous "Indian hunter" (Spencer Tracy).

The movie follows the group through the trials and tribulations as they forge the Northwest Passage to the Pacific.

3 (tie) - On Golden Pond (1981) - 92%

To summarize this flick through the words of the immortal Roger Ebert: "On Golden Pond was a treasure for many reasons, but the best one, I think, is that I could believe it. I could believe in its major characters and their relationships, and in the things they felt for one another, and there were moments when the movie was witness to human growth and change. I left the theater feeling good and warm, and with a certain resolve to try to mend my own relationships and learn to start listening better . . . watching the movie, I felt I was witnessing something rare and valuable."

This movie won three Oscars and was nominated for seven more. It was adapted from the play of the same name, and it followed An aging couple as they continue the long tradition of spending each summer at their cottage on a lake in the Granite State while trying to connect with their daughter and her family.

3 (tie) - The Last Detail (1973) - 92%

This Jack Nicholson vehicle follows two U.S. Navy officers who are ordered to escort a young sailor young (Randy Quaid) to Portsmouth Naval Prison in (you guessed it) Portsmouth.

Along the way however, the two officers decide to give the sailor one last hurrah through the various towns and cities and they make their way to the Granite State from Virginia.

3 (tie) - Lolita (1962) - 92%

A Stanley Kubrick film, this wonderful - if not unsettling film - follows a middle-aged British professor who while waiting to begin a teaching job in the United States, rents a room from a woman who immediately falls for him. However he only has eyes for his landlady's daughter, Lolita, and quickly becomes obessed with the minor.

Do you agree with the critics? What's your favorite movie featuring the Granite State?


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