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Mar 1, 2016 8:01 PM

NH1 News Investigates: Spice making a resurgence in NH and it's deadlier than ever

MANCHESTER - Spice is a drug often referred to as synthetic marijuana.

We haven't heard much about it lately, but in this NH1News Investigation, we uncover how it's making a comeback in New Hampshire, and this time around, it's being used in a way that's deadlier than ever.

As the heroin epidemic tightens it's deadly grip on the Granite State, there's another drug making a resurgence lately. New Horizons Program Director Kevin Kintner is seeing evidence of that first hand.

"In the last few weeks we've seen behavior that is consistent with what people say how people act under the influence spice," Kintner said.

Use of the synthetic drug Spice had dipped some since a statewide ban implemented last year, after nearly 70 overdoses in a three week span. Police swiftly shut down stores caught selling the drug which is sold in very deceptive packaging.

"Two years ago we would find it on people," Kintner said. "It would have bright colors and cartoon characters on them. Aluminum packages. Looks like Koolaid packages, even larger. They called it Scoobie Snacks."

What's circulating now is called White Tiger. A package of it was recently found laying on a street in Manchester. The person who found it brought it in to police.

"Now we're starting to see it come back around," Manchester Assistant Police Chief Carlo Capano said. "The scary part is it's being mixed with other drugs, so they're using it as a cutting agent with the heroin and the fentanyl that you're seeing out there." Making Spice even more dangerous this time around.

"Now you have it mixed with a drug causing many overdoses and many deaths," Capano said. "We're starting to see that mixture coming in."

One man, who would only go by Ken, says he's seeing it out on the streets. Ken said, "I just talk to users." NH1 News asked, " And what are they telling you?" Ken said, "They're just glad it's around. Marijuana is criminalized and expensive in this state. so spice and heroin are cheap alternatives and easy to get, too."

Police haven't found it being sold in stores yet, but they're are finding it on people.

"We've arrested people. We are finding packages when we make arrests," Capano said. "it is out there. We know that it is through mail order, so the internet is a great source for this being sent through the mail."

Manchester Police say they're waiting on toxicology reports before they can confirm their suspected cases. Meanwhile, the Manchester Fire Department confirms a handful of recent overdoses where heroin was cut with White Tiger Spice.

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