Nov 6, 2015 6:08 PM

NH1 News Investigates: Power Problems Part 2

PELHAM - A Pelham woman who says Liberty Utilities is taking her to the cleaners met with them Thursday and may get some additional devices installed on her meter to see if there's an explanation for her widely changing electric bills.

Michelle Bedard first reported that her electric bill began to swing widely even though the family's routine did not change after a new meter was installed in 2012.

"I have tried everything I can possibly think of to make us as energy-efficient as possible," she said. And yet the hefty bills kept coming.

She went to the utility company, the state Public Utilities Commission, even her lawmakers. Finally on Thursday, representatives from Liberty Utilities came to her house. They spent three hours talking about the meter, bill and usage.

They say they tested her meter and that it was functioning properly. But they offered to install a "logging device" that would measure usage spikes and an "interval meter" that would record usage every hour. Finally, the offered to install a new meter if that's what Bedard wanted.

But Bedard said she also has issues with Liberty Utilities' billing process, saying it's just one more part of the problem.

Friday, Liberty Utilities said it has identified some issues affecting a small number of customers but that it has nothing to do with customer usage or billing.

But they say they've developed a fix that would start next month.

Meanwhile Bedard is hoping to finally get what she needs.

"And I need answers. Their billing is atrocious," she said.

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