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Jun 18, 2015 3:39 PM

NH1 News Investigates Marijuana's New Frontier: The rise of wax, a new potent form


WOLFEBORO - It’s more popular than ever.

Users making extremely potent pot with the need for a quicker and higher high.

Now we’re sharing with parents what to be on the lookout for when it comes to this potentially dangerous trend.

“It’s the most psychedelic experience I’d ever have on weed,” says one man on one of the many YouTube videos about it.

PHOTO GALLERY: What wax - a potent form of marijuana - might look like

More and more people making and selling marijuana in its most potent form.

On the street, it’s called waxing, dabbing, oil, or honey.

It’s smoking or ingesting a highly concentrated form of cannabis.

Manufacturers take the cannabis plant and extract the active ingredient, commonly known as THC.

Melissa Fernald, a well-known drug counselor, continues her mission to educate parents and help save kids’ lives.

“And it's 90 percent THC,” Fernald says. “I like to think of it as the modern-day hash but it's much more intense.”

Compare that to the 25% THC found in the strongest form of marijuana.

Teens not only across the country but here in New Hampshire quickly learning how to make it.

“And then blast,” says the user on the YouTube video as he shows people how to make it. “It usually sends butane right through the tube.”

And that is the technique. It’s called blasting and users soak the pot with butane.

The liquid is then used to make the marijuana wax that much more powerful.

Dabbers let that liquid dry into that honey-like substance but those highly flammable vapors from the butane can often be catastrophic.

A manufacturer of the drug on YouTube shows people how to use by saying, “You squish it down, make sure,” and that’s when he gets cut-off because of an explosion. People can then be heard saying, “the house is on fire, the house is on fire.”

Local news reports confirm these explosions are happening across the country.

“There has been an explosion,” one news anchor says. Then another, “There has been an explosion,” and then yet another, “A massive explosion.”

A few months ago, just over the New Hampshire border in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, an explosion there, as well.

Police there calling it a makeshift has lab that literally blew the roof of the house and sending three kids inside to the hospital.

We asked Melissa Fernald how big of a problem was it.

She quickly answered with a concerned face, “It's a significant problem.”

Fernald says it’s easy to get the paraphernalia because she did it herself by going down to the local smoke shop.

That’s where she found torch lighters, glass nails,g pens.

Those are just some of the items needed to make and then use wax.

The wax is then smoked or vaped.

Even more importantly, it’s odorless.

It’s a quick high with some, like Fernald, saying, “One dab will do you, as they say.”

Fernald says many police departments don't know about it and many parents don’t either.

She says it’s catching on more and more.

For more information on how to protect your family, log on to Melissa Fernald’s website, safesurroundings.com


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