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May 24, 2016 5:19 PM

NH1 News Investigates Dangerous Dares: NH teens posting online hoping to go viral

Some of the biggest challenges your children may face from their peers have nothing to do with drugs and alcohol.

Instead, it’s an effort to “go viral” online that could send your child to the hospital or even kill them.

Condom snorting, salt and ice, and even banana peels are all included in the latest dares sweeping through schools for children. Starting in middle school, peers are pushing each other to try the dangerous stunts and post them online.

Yes, snorting condoms. In the nose and out through the mouth. This challenge made its rounds back in 2013, but it keeps coming back.

Besides the obvious danger of choking, the possibility of the condom getting stuck could mean a trip to the emergency room.

And in videos posted to YouTube, several users are seen doing the “banana peel” challenge. Spurred by cartoons and other comedic routines, teens want to find out if that peel really is slippery.

It is, and one slip could leave your child with sprains, head injuries, and some doctors even warn death.

And one other dare to warn you about, the “salt and ice” challenge. The dangerous drop in temperature causes second- and third-degree burns, and sometimes even frostbite.

How can you stop your child from doing these things?

Monitor your child’s use of social media and learn about the latest trends by talking with other parents, teachers and using online alerts.

And, of course, communicate with your child.

Talk to them about the dangers and let them know they can always come to you with concerns.

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