Mar 19, 2016 10:48 AM

NH1 FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Potential storm is a bust, snow expected to miss NH

NH1 Chief Meteorologist

Winter is playing hard to get, even in this late hour! What a change of events, and this will be welcome news for those of us who are finished with winter. This storm is going to bust! Ride out to sea. Bye-bye! The latest morning information has come in, and the eastern trend continues. This low will track far enough off the coast to spare New Hampshire much - if any - snow at all! We can thank the high pressure system sitting over us this weekend for being just strong enough to help to force this low just a bit farther south.

Another change in the forecast is instead of the energy merging into one powerful storm off the coast of New England as earlier projected, there will be two separate lows. In order to bake a perfect cake, everything has to come together just right ... that will not be the case here.

As we sit with cool high pressure over us this weekend, one wave of low pressure will track well south of New England late tonight. Another low will follow and deepen as it tracks farther up the coast Monday morning. This may clip southeastern Massachusetts with some accumulating snow. This has the potential that some light snow will spread into southeastern New Hampshire Monday morning. We may see nothing at all. That is about it. This storm is going to be a total bust for New Hampshire, and again, I don't think many are complaining except the meteorologists! What a headache. Enjoy the beautiful crisp weekend weather!

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