Mar 26, 2016 3:14 PM

NH Supreme Court upholds Laurie List ruling

ROCHESTER - The New Hampshire Supreme Court has upheld a decision to keep a police officer on the Laurie List, which names police officers whose credibility has been questioned.

According to, Rochester Police Officer John Gantert was put on the list in May 2011 after an internal investigation. The investigation found that paperwork filled out by Gantert to assess a domestic violence incidents and assess the victim's danger level did not agree with information given by another officer.

Gantert appeared before the city's police commission, which placed him on the list. Gantert was fired in June 2011, but he was reinstated after an arbiter determined he did not intentionally falsify information.

Gantert filed suit against Rochester in 2015. He claimed he did not receive due process and that his offense wasn't serious enough for him to be placed on the Laurie List.

The Laurie List is maintained by the county attorney. When an officer will testify in court, prosecutors must disclose whether the officer is on the Laurie List. A judge then determines the officer's credibility as a witness.

Rochester Police Chief Michael Allen said the decision will not affected Gantert's daily duties.

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