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Michael Eastman says audio recordings are of Sasquatch-like 'Shyman'

Oct 10, 2016 9:51 AM

NH man says 'shyman' audio recordings proof of north country Sasquatch


A Berlin man is the focus of a web video on what a filmmaker says is proof there are mysterious ape-like Sasquatch beings in the state's north country.

Michael Eastman appears in Aleksandar Petakov's short documentary, which was uploaded to YouTube, speaking about his personal experience tracking and coming to know personally a group of creatures living in New Hampshire.

Eastman, a retired painter who identifies himself as an Abenaqui, said his first encounter with the creatures was in the 1970s near lake Umbagog. His second was in 2015. Eastman said he has spent about 9 months at an area he says is a gathering spot for a "family group of them."

As part of his research he said he has collected foot prints and possibly hair.

Eastman said he has collected audio recordings of the creatures using a "click, pop" language, "bellowing" and, in one sample, "an exchange that isn't quite so friendly."

Eastman does not reveal the exact location he has made the recordings and gathered evidence, using a name he has created himself in the video. He said he hopes to pass legislation to protect the creatures from "hunting and trapping."

"I think they deserve the same treatment as any rare species that may be running about in our forest."

"Some day we will discover what these really are," said Eastman.

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