Jul 4, 2016 3:03 PM

NH fireworks store uses heightened security measures with sales

It's no secret that fireworks are popular - and legal for those of age - in the Granite State.

New Hampshire stores are required to follow certain state laws, but one local chain goes a step further to make sure the potentially dangerous explosives are being used for the right reasons.

Normally, a valid photo ID will be enough, but Phantom Fireworks in Londonderry has a very strict procedure.

Customers must first report to the front desk so employees can scan the ID, collecting all of their information and entering it into the store's system. Then there is a waiver that must be signed stating the customer is not a terrorist.

“It's worded that way because in the past we've actually been able to help out the FBI and other authorities to find people who do not want to use their fireworks responsibly,” said Mary McClusky, the store’s manager.

In fact, the Phantom Fireworks location in Seabrook is where the Tsarnaev brothers bought fireworks to make their bombs used in the Boston Marathon bombing.

"We were able to alert the FBI and give them video and we definitely helped in the investigation," McClusky said.

All Phantom locations have now adopted this policy.

"It's not anything to do with any type of criminal activity or anything like that,” McClusky said. “It's just you know to have their name [in] our database."

But other stores in New Hampshire aren’t so strict.

"You have to be 21 or 18 with an active military ID. We want you to be responsible," said Christopher Kivlan, the owner of Alamo Fireworks in Londonderry. "You do not have to sign a waiver or anything as long as they are the minimum age we can sell it for them."

TNT Fireworks in Londonderry couldn't comment on its store policy, but customers say they did not have to sign a waiver.

"It makes me feel like the businesses are being safe about selling it at least,” one customer said. "Maybe if they actually taught you some safety precautions about the fireworks when you sign it, it would make more sense, but as far as I can see it's just the businesses protecting themselves."

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