Jul 12, 2016 4:10 PM

NH family finds black widow spider in store-bought grapes

A family in Fremont came home from the grocery store with something that wasn't on its shopping list.

"Wow there's a lot of cobwebs in this and as I kept looking saw a little marks," Jennifer Rydeen said.

Rydeen said she was washing grapes her husband and daughter brought home from the Market Basket in Epping.

“It could've been really bad. Really thankful it was on the bottom. I pretty much screamed and went into shock I think,” Rydeen said, describing her discovery of the dangerous insect inside the grape container.

Rydeen found a black widow spider, which is known for its potentially venomous bite as she stuck her hand inside the container to wash the grapes.

“I was pretty freaked out because you typically don't see a black widow around here,” said Ella Rydeen, the youngest of two, when she heard what her mom had found.

“It was probably surprising to see, but then he just went at it with the chopsticks,” said older brother, Alec Rydeen, when he described how his dad handled the situation.

The Rydeen children admitted it might take them a while to work up an appetite for grapes again, but they are glad everyone is OK.

“I always assumed it was a wives tale and never thought it would happen,” Jennifer Rydeen said.

Market Basket offered to refund the family the cost of the grapes they also promised to check their produce department for other potentially dangerous insects.

Market Basket headquarters said this is the first black widow found in their products this grape season. However, when you buy organic and pesticides are not used, it increases your chances of finding something extra in your fruit.

“I'm going to double bag it and throw it in the trash I think. It's pretty dead,” Jennifer Rydeen said.

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