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Jul 31, 2016 11:30 PM

NH community buzzing about $487 million ticket sold at Raymond Hannaford

RAYMOND - One lucky person woke up a millionaire, Hannaford grocery store sold the winning ticket.

Shopping carts could be heard rattling through the Hannaford Parking lot on Fremont Street in Raymond, as dozens of people were out getting groceries. This comes just hours after it was announced the $487 million Powerball ticket was bought there.

"We didn't know if we were the only jackpot winner but a couple hours later, sure enough we hit it. Hit it big," said New Hampshire Lottery Spokesman Maura McCann.

McCann said she was woken up late last night by a phone call she wasn't expecting.

"I didn't put two-and-two together until I spoke with the person on the phone who said we have a Powerball winner here in New Hampshire," said McCann.

New Hampshire has been a part of the lottery since 1995 but has only dished out 10 grand-prize winners. The last time the Granite State had a big winner was in 2007 when someone took home more than $31 million dollars. With a campground just about a mile down the road, many say the winner could have been visiting from out of town.

"We say they are a N.H. lottery winner because they purchased the ticket here," said McCann.

The small community of Raymond has about 10,000 people and shoppers were excited to think the winner could be someone they know.

"Anybody locally especially. You know, if they win money I think that it's awesome," said Chris Pernod of Raymond.

"It's nice to see someone close to home get it" said Carter Floyd of Chester.

Winning half a billion dollars, the possibilities are endless. Even though these folks didn't win, they still have dreams of what they would do with all that cash.

"Pay off the house, pay off the credit card debt - probably buy a vacation home in Aruba," said Pernod, laughing.

"Invest in my kids future and probably buy a home," said Melissa Oliver of Kingston.

"I'd buy a warehouse of beer and live there the rest of my life," said Floyd.

There was another person who won big, someone in Littleton won $1 million but the mystery remains who won the jackpot. They have a year to claim their winnings.

Check if you have the winning ticket.

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