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Nov 14, 2015 6:00 PM

NH college students witness and share their experience of Paris attacks

Two Saint Anselm students studying abroad in Paris woke up Saturday morning to a full realization of the horror they witnessed first-hand from Friday's violent attacks.

Juniors, Lincoln Vamos and Brad Rocheville shared their experiences from yesterday's attacks with NH1 News from Paris.

Coordinated attacks now confirmed to be ISIS took place in six different locations around the city. Two explosions were heard from inside the Stade De France where Rocheville was watching a soccer match with his fellow students.

"I remember talking to the student next to me about the sound, and she kinda didn't really know what it was either so we just continued to watch the game," Rocheville said.

Once the game ended and the crowd started to move out of the stadium, Brad told us that was when he realized something was terribly wrong.

"In like an instant, it seemed like almost a switch flipped," Rocheville said. "It was really pretty chaotic trying to leave the stadium because people were running everywhere, jumping fences to get home. Everybody started running in my direction so I started running in the opposite direction away from the stadium. I guess you could say I ran for my life."

Lincoln Vamos heard about the attacks while sitting on the metro with his friends when he received a text from the U.S asking about his well-being. Although Vamos was safe with miles between him and the locations under attack, he still told NH1 News he felt a sense of uneasiness.

"It was very eerie being like I know exactly where that place is, what that looks like, I could get there without a map," he said.

When asked if both students planned on cutting their semester in Paris short, they seemed to believe that the city was now safe and would finish their term.

"I know of one girl who messaged me today and said she was gonna go home, she doesn't feel safe in the city anymore," Vamos said. "They infused like 15,000 soldiers into the city last night. Like this is probably the most secure city on the planet right now. Do I want to go to the Eiffel Tower right now? No. But do I feel comfortable getting groceries? Absolutely."

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