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Dec 3, 2015 6:12 PM

NH 2nd Amendment advocates speak out in wake of California mass shooting

NASHUA - In the wake of the deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, some, including President Obama are calling for "common sense" gun laws. Meanwhile, gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates say there are plenty of gun laws that should be enforced.

According to the FBI: Between 2000-2013 three percent of all mass shootings were stopped by an armed individual who was not law enforcement personnel.

Radio personality Howie Carr urges his listeners to carry a weapon and protect themselves.

"We have plenty of gun laws, we have federal laws that 30 years on and after for using a machine gun, which is an AK-47 which was used in San Bernardino, during the commission of a felony, but it's never enforced, it's always plea bargained out," Carr said.

Joe Lopez, retired U.S. Army Special forces and President of Arrow Security & Training LLC (AST) in Nashua agrees there is no need for any new laws.

"We've got hundreds, or possibly thousands of cells or individuals out there waiting for their opportunity to perform an attack like that, and to strip away our only means of defense as citizens is absurd," Lopez said.

AST offers firearms safety and training courses for people as young as twelve. Lopez stresses the importance of education when it comes to handling a firearm.

"I absolutely advocate extensive training when you own a firearm. When you have that training and you have that expertise, you have the confidence to be able to control it like a tool, just like it is it's a protection tool," Lopez said.

Many feel they need to be armed to protect themselves not only against terrorists or mass shooters, but also from the government.

"Sometimes the government can be trusted,but the vast majority of the time it can't. One way to keep the government a trustworthy institution is to make sure you have something you can respond with in case they get out of control," Carr said.

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