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Sep 15, 2016 4:51 PM

New study credits mom genes with child intelligence

Several recent studies point to one important conclusion - genetic intelligence may just come from your mother.

Several different studies favor this theory, including one out of Scotland that interviewed 12,686 young people and found the best predictor of braininess comes from a mother's IQ, according to psychology-spot.

Another study, focusing on rat embryos, concluded that people may have an "intelligence gene" that is only activated when passed down by the mother.

According to the article, intelligence genes are found in x chromosomes and, since women have two x's as opposed to men's one, it's twice as likely to be passed down from the mother.

Of course many factors contribute to a person's intelligence, including physical and emotional contact at an early age and environmental factors throughout life.

But don't discount your mom the next time you have a brain-tastic moment.

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