Jul 24, 2015 5:27 PM

Nashua handicapped park project underway after much debate

Source: NH1.com

NASHUA - After three years of debate, the city may have finally decided on the best location to build an accessible park for people with disabilities -- Labine Park.

“I’m really embarrassed at the state it’s currently in. But it’s going to be a lot cheaper to build a playground there,” said Tracy Pappas, the city's public works commissioner.

Leadership Greater Nashua initially had its heart set on Greeley Park after looking at 55 locations. Most of its criteria were met at Greeley as well as two other locations. The Parks and Recreation Department also recommended Greeley initially.

Greeley's rolling hills and outdoor space would be a stimulant for those with sensory disabilities, they concluded.

“We’ve had issues in the past where we’ve had commitments from groups and then something ends up getting half built,” said Pappas.

There were issues on this project as well. Once it was discovered that building the playground at Greeley would come with a hefty price tag, a new location became more appealing.

Finally the decision was made to focus on Labine.

"I opened my mouth and dropped my jaw. I was ecstatic,” said June Lemen, a Nashua resident connected to the project.

“The blame for the delay in the project should fall at the feet of the people who introduced it, because they did not work cooperatively. The mayor and the Chamber of Commerce group did not work cooperatively. They came in and said ‘We’re going to give your group a gift and it has to be here’,” said Lemen.

It will take another vote from the Aldermen before any real work can begin. People here say they are excited for the project to begin but are in shock how long it took to get here.


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